Das sind Europas nachhaltige Start-ups, die Sie kennen müssen. Positive Start-ups erhalten Rekordsummen an Finanzmitteln und skalieren in Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Warum das klappt? Sie gehen existentielle Probleme des Klimawandels an und bieten bahnbrechende Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Die Ideen nachhaltiger Start-ups stellen bestehende Systeme und Abläufe in Frage. Von Material Science über Carbon Software bis hin zu Circular Solutions. Ob neuste Software, Technologie oder Dienstleistung, hier sind die Unternehmen, die die Welt verändern.

Area of Interest
Value Chain
LogoCompanySustainability SolutionSustainability TagsLaunchFundingInvestorsSeriesLocationClass
3LM, equipping farmers to regenerate soil and biodiversity.Biodiversity, Networking2016   Europe, OtleyConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
44.0, solution that safely removes CO2 from the atmosphere turning it into rock.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, New Material, Innovation2020$6.3 mEarthshot Prize, Breakthrough energy venturesGrantsEurope, LondonInnovatior, Climate, After Use, Europe
Adapta, and responsible sourcing solution for leather and textile stocks in collaboration with luxury suppliers.Circular Economy, Resale, Textile Solution2018   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, Europe
Adaptavate, carbon negative building materials and low-carbon construction products.New Material, Save Resources, Innovation2014  PrivateEurope, GloucestershireSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, Sourcing, Europe
Aid by Trade, people help themselves through trade it stands for an innovative approach that focuses on activating market forces instead of relying on charity.Networking, Biodiversity, Funding2005  PrivateEurope, HamburgAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Again, decentralized network of micro-cleaning facilities enables brands to reuse packaging for the same price as single use.Waste Reduction, Save Resources, Packaging2021$3,3 mEka Ventures & Maersk GrowthPre-SeedEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Climate, Logistics, Europe
Agricarbon, rigorous and affordable soil carbon testing at scale.Carbon Accounting, CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Biodiversity2020£3 mCounteractSeedEurope, DundeeSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, Operations, Europe
Aktio, platform for the corporate carbon footprint.CO2 Reduction, Transparency, Carbon Accounting2020   Europe, ParisConsultant, Technology, Sourcing, Europe
Akzente, consulting and services focusing on sustainability.Transparency, CO2 Reduction1993   Europe, MunichConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Alchemie Technology, manufacturing solutions using unique digital materials fabrication technologies.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction, Innovation2014   Europe, CambridgeInnovator, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Algaeing, algae-powered solutions for textiles, fibers, and dyeing.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction, Innovation2016  Venture RoundMiddle-East,Tel AvivInnovator, Fashion, Design, Middle-East
Alter Equity 3P, in growth capital and buyout investments.Networking, Funding2009  VentureEurope, ParisInvestor, Fintech, Financing, Europe
AnamXR, web-based virtual eCommerce and experience platform for the luxury industry accessible on any smart device.Web3, Innovation2020 Fashion for Good Plug and play, Fashion for GoodGrantUSA, Los AngelesInnovator, Luxury Goods, Research and Development, USA
Ananas Anam, pineapple leaves into the sustainable vegan textiles branded Piñatex and Piñayarn.Innovation, Textile Solution2016£250 kInnovationRCA, Greater London Investment Fund, Spark Ventures Europe, LondonSolution Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Antex, group for synthetic fibers with a range of high performing and environmentally friendly yarns.Textile Solution, New Material2008   Europe, TerrassaInnovator, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Arianne, digital life to products, experiences, or communities through NFTs for real-world engagement.Web3, Innovation, Networking2017$32,6mCommerce Venture, Isai, NOIA Capital, Motier Ventures, Cygni Capital, Tiger Global Management, Bpifrance, etc.Series AEurope, ParisSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Alter Equity 3P, equity firm specializes in growth capital and buyout investments.Networking, Funding2009  VentureEurope, ParisInvestor, Fintech, Financing, Europe
B Corp, non-profit that serves as a global community using business as a force for good by creating standards, policies, and tools for business.Traceability, Transparency, CO2 Reduction2006 Tripping Point FundGrantUSA, BerwynCertificant, Climate, Strategy, USA
Berlin Ventures, entrepreneur-driven pre-seed and seed investor offering primary and secondary funding.Networking, Funding2008  SeedEurope, BerlinInvestor, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Bethnal Green Ventures,’s leading early-stage tech for good VC.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, Funding2010£4,1 m VentureEurope, LondonInvestor, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Beyond Form, venture studio building & investing in fashion technologies with ambitious founders.Innovation, Web3, Funding2019  Private EquityEurope, ParisInvestor, Fashion, Financing, Europe
Biodynamic Federation Demeter International, worldwide movement of biodynamic agriculture embraces a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming.Save Resources, Waste Reduction, Biodiversity, CO2 Reduction1928   Europe, DarmstadtCertificant, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Bioxegy, of bio biomimicry engineering customized bio-inspired technologies.Green Energy, Innovation, Biodiversity2018   Europe, ParisConsultant, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Biozeroc, in biotech & scaleable process technology to create carbon-negative construction materials.Innovation, New Material2021£350kZero Carbon CapitalPre-SeedEurope, CambridgeSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
Bluesign, seal for environment, health and production safety, helping companies and suppliers to establish sustainable products.Textile Solution, Green Energy, New Materials2000   Europe, St. GallenInnovator, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Bolt Threads, solutions company developing vegan leather made from mycelium mushrooms, branded Mylo and b-silk.Innovation, Textile Solution, Vegan2009$334.1mNan Fung, Foundation Capital, Innovation Endeavors, Founders Fund, Baillie Gifford, Formation 8, etc.Series EBerkeley, USASolution Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, USA
Breakthrough Energy, clean, reliable, affordable energy solutions that will lead us to a net-zero emissions future.Green Energy, Innovation, CO2 Reduction2016$2.2B  VentureUSA, SeattleInvestor, Climate, Financing, USA
Business For Nature, global coalition that brings together business and conservation organizations and forward-thinking companies.Networking2019   GlobalAlliances,Transformation, Strategy, Global
BuyYourWay, sustainable development consulting firm for responsible purchasing.Networking, Circular Economy, Transparency, Traceability, Resale, Reuse2013   Europe, ParisConsultant, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
BYBOREE, textile Innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits.Textile Solution, Innovation, New Material2010$18,1 m Series BEurope, AmsterdamSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, Europe
BYONDXR, brands/retailers and manufacturers to build stores and showrooms in the metaverse.Web3, Innovation2016$7,5 mFirstime Venture Capita, HTCSeedUSA, NYCConsultant, Technology, Design, Europe
C1 Green Chemicals AG, Carbon Chemistry developing climate-friendly chemistry.Innovation, New Material, Green Energy2022  Pre-SeedEurope, BerlinInnovator, Climate, Operations, Europe
Carbon Capture Inc., climate tech company offering modular and upgradeable carbon dioxide air capture systems.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2019$35 mTime Ventures, IdeaLab, Lightbank, Rio ITnto, Prime Movers LabSeries AUSA, Los AngelesInnovator, Climate, Operations, USA
Carbon Re, tech company using AI solutions to decarbonize energy-intensive industriesWeb3, Innovation, CO2 Reduction2020£5,2 mUniversity of Cambridge Enterprise, Blue Impact Ventures, UCL Technology Fund, Parkwell Advisor, Clean Growth Fund, Planet A VenturesSeedEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Climate, Financing, Europe
Ceezer, central platform to screen, purchase, and manage carbon credits for quality.Carbon Accounting, Traceability, CO2 Reduction2021$5,2 mPicus Capital, Carbon Removal Partners, Norrsken VCSeedEurope, BerlinSolution Provider, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Ceres, non-profit organization that advocates for sustainability leadership.Networking, Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency1989 Capricorn Investment GroupVentureUSA, BostonConsultant, Transformation, Operations, USA
Cilkoa, barrier solutions for paper packaging, eliminating plastic packaging.Packaging, Save Resources, New Material2022   Europe, GrenobleInnovator, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
circ gmbh & co kg, live communications, networking, and creative consulting.Diversity & Inclusion, Communication, Networking1994   Europe, WiesbadenConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe, agency creating system and software Innovation for a circular economy in fashion and textiles.Circular Economy, Textile Solution2017   Europe BerlinSolution Provider, Fashion, Sourcing, Europe
City Light, in impactful companies in the areas of education, safety and care, and the environment.Networking, Funding2004$82,1 mImpact Venutes II, Impact Ventures III USA, NYCInvestor, Fintech, Financing, USA
Change Now, an annual summit by connecting innovators, investors, companies, media, and cities all around the globe so they can join forces in finding solutions.Networking, Innovation, Funding2017   Europe, ParisAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Clean Greens, agro-technology company provides innovative cultivation technology via mobile aeroponics equipment.Biodiversity, CO2 Reduction2013€12,4 mVentura Kick, NIVALIS group, TR invest, Verve Ventures, FIT Europe, GenevaSolution Provider, Climate, Operations
Clean Tech For Europe, initiative aims to bridge the gap between the community of EU cleantech companies, innovators, venture capital, and policy-makers.Networking, Funding2021   Europe, BrusselsAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Clear Fashion, application guiding consumers to make the right decisions in fashion.Circular Economy, Textile Solution, Carbon Accounting, Transparency2017   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Marketing, Europe
Client Earth, environmental law charity using the law to hold governments and other companies to account for climate change, nature loss, and pollution.CO2 Reduction, Save Resources, Biodiversity2007   Europe, LondonAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Climate Partner, provider for corporate climate action offering individual consulting and cloud-based software.Carbon Accounting, CO2 Reduction, Transparency2006   Europe, MunichConsultant, Climate, After Use, Europe
Climate Seed, services and technological tools to measure GHG emissions.Carbon Accounting, Traceability, CO2 Reduction, Transparency2018   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Climate, Marketing, Europe
Climate Stories Project, educational and artistic forum for sharing personal stories about the changing climate.Networking2014   USA, LexingtonAlliances, Climate, Strategy, USA
Climeworks, dioxide air capture services via direct air capture technology.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2009€748 mSwiss Entrepreneurs Foundation, Baillie Gifford, GIC, BigPoint Holding, M&G Investment, Global Founders Capital, Swiss Re, Etc.Private EquityEurope, ZürichSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
CLO 3D, fashion design software program creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization with advanced simulation technologies.Innovation, Web3, Textile Solution2019   ASPAC, SeoulSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, ASPAC
CODE\ LUXE, advisory company dedicated to the luxury industry. Focusing on their business model, positioning, offering, and marketing strategies.Innovation, Networking2021   Europe, MunichConsultant, Luxury Goods, Marketing, Europe
Compare Ethics, compliance technology platform enabling businesses to verify, manage and communicate compliant product impact claims at scale.Circular Economy, Transparency2017   Europe, LondonConsultant, Fashion, Sales, Europe
Conversation International, non-profit working to improve the lives of people everywhere by protecting oceans, forests, and other living ecosystems.Biodiversity, Circular Economy1987   USA, Washington DCAlliances, Climate, Strategy, USA
Cooler future, fintech startup developing transparent and effective impact investment solutions for the Climate-conscious generation.Transparency, Funding2019€1,4 mLifeline Ventures, Nordic Makers, Gary LinPrivateEurope, HelsinkiInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Cotton Made In Africa, equal and sustainable relationships between small cotton farmers in Africa, brands, and the textile value chain.Textile Solution, Traceability, Transparency2005   Europe, HamburgCertificant, Fashion, Logistics, Europe
Counteract, the Climate crisis through research, development and investment in carbon removal technology.CO2 Reduction, Funding2020£35 mCounteract OneSeedEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Cradle2Cradle, dedicated to education and networking on Cradle to Cradle with business, science, education, politics and civil society.Circular Economy, Networking, Textile Solution2012   Europe, BerlinCertificant, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Crearity Luxe, and resale of dead stocks and raw materials for luxury houses.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction    Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Sales, Europe
CTC, testing, design, manufacturing and marketing of items in fashion, luxury, sport, and PPE ( Personal Protective Maket).Textile Solution, Transparency1899   Europe, LyonCertificant, Consumer Goods, Research and Development, Europe
DOEN Participaties B.V., supporting pioneers who are committed to a green, socially-inclusive, and creative society.Networking, Diversity & Inclusion, Funding1991  VentureEurope, AmsterdamInvestors, Climate, Financing, Europe
DressX, fashion startup that offers digital-only collections from brands and 3D designers.Innovation, Web32019$19,2 mSignal Peak Ventures, Startup Mavericks, U. Ventures, Hartmann Capital, The Artemis Fun, Warner Music GroupSeries AUSA, Los AngelesInnovator, Fashion, After Use, USA
Drip by Drip, organization that finds, develops, and spreads solutions for water issues caused by the textile industry.Save Resources2018   Europe, BerlinSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, Europe
Dreiwert Consulting GmbH, together with companies to establish sustainable practices throughout their organizations.CO2 Reduction, Networking, Transparency2022   Europe, DreieichConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Earth Beat Foundation, creates alternative, sustainable sources of income for artisanal small-scale miners.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking2013   Europe, BerlinAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Eco Fabrics, and collecting consciously-made and innovative fabrics, yarns and accessories as well as bio based materials.New Material, Textile Solution    Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, Europe
Eco-Age, communication strategies crisis management, PR, communications and brand consultancy.Networking, Transparency, Communication2009  PrivateEurope, LondonConsultant, Transformation, Marking Europe
EcoFair Consulting, on sustainability consulting for SMEs, family businesses, smaller suppliers, and municipal companies.Strategy2015   Europe, UsingenConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Ecolocked, carbon-negative materials, focusing in the construction sector, such as concert admix material.New Material, Innovation, CO2 Reduction €1,8 mCounteract, Better Values, Anne Lemcke, Stefan LemckePre-SeedEurope BerlinSolution Provider, Climate, Sourcing, Europe
écume studio, end-to-end agency for sustainable business strategies.Strategy2021   Europe, ParisConsultant, Transformation, Marketing, Europe
eit, EIT is a unique EU initiative that fully integrates business, education, and research, created to drive Europe’s ability to innovate.Innovation, Networking2008   Europe, BudapestAlliances, Technology, Strategy, Europe
Eon, cloud solution providing digital IDs to manage and connect products across the full lifecycle.Web3, Traceability, Transparency2017$8.2 mImaginary Ventures, SAP.iOSeries AUSA, NYCSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, After Use, USA
EOS, responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology.New Material, Innovation1989   Europe, MunichSolution Provider, Technology, Sales, Europe
Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and promoting the idea of a circular economy across the globe.Circular Economy, CO2 Reduction, Networking, Strategy2010   Europe, CowesAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Equal Salary, a process that allows companies to verify and communicate that they pay their female and male employees equally for the same job.Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency2005   Europe, VeveyCertificant, Transformation, Financing, Europe
équité, development and strategy firm focusing on luxury, lifestyle, and consumer brands.Networking, Strategy2017   USA, Los AngelesConsultant, Luxury Goods, Strategy, Europe
Esce-tex™, openly-communicated textile supply chain and consultancy service, increasing the accessibility of environmentally friendly fabrics.Traceability, Transparency, Networking, Textile Solution2021   Europe, LondonConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
EthiWork, and training talents in the fashion and luxury industries to integrate CSR issues.Networking2018   Europe, ParisConsultant, Luxury Goods, Strategy, Europe
European Commission, a unique forum for dialogue and policy interface to discuss the links between business and biodiversity at the EU level.Biodiversity, Networking1958   Europe, BrusselsAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Evrnu, of NuCycl™ fiber, made of 100% recycled textiles.Waste Reduction, CO2 Reduction, Save Resources, New Material2014$25,7 mClosed Loop Partners, Twynam Agriculture Group, CYCLEffect Regenerative Ventures, Magic Hour, Radicle Impact, Elemental Excelerator, PDS Ventures, etc.Series BUSA, SeattleSolution Provider, Fashion, After Use, USA
Exclusible, an NFT marketplace for luxury brands.Web3, Innovation2021€7,2 mWhite Star Capital, Tioga Capital, Indigo Capital Partners, António Félix da Costa, Dan Holzman Europe, LisbonSolution Provider, Technology, Design, Europe
Extantia, in breakthrough climate technologies, in search of the next "Gigacorn".Networking, Funding2020  VentureEurope, BerlinInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Fabcity, city will become a data-based circular economy with a digitally networked infrastructure of manufacturing, where residents will actively participate.Networking, Circular Economy, Traceability, Transparency2019   Europe, HamburgAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Fair Luxary, collaboration of jewelry industry changemakers with a vision for a responsible and sustainable future.Traceability, Transparency, Networking2017   Europe, LondonAlliances, Luxury Goods, Strategy, Europe
Fashion For Good, global initiative to inspire change and drive the collective movement to make fashion a force for good.Innovation, Reuse, Circular Economy2016   Europe, AmsterdamAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Fashion Revolution, passionately for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry.Circular Economy, CO2 Reduction, Textile Solution, Transparency2013  PrivateEurope, LondonAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Fairly Made, solution to assess fashion products' environmental and social effects for transparent procurement models.Transparency, Traceability, Carbon Accounting2018€5 mEtc Group, Lefonds by French Founders, French FoundersSeedEurope, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Sourcing, Europe
Fairmined Initiative, label that certifies gold from artisanal & small-scale mining organizations that meet the standards for responsible practices.Traceability, Transparency2016   Europe, ParisCertificant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Fair Trade, & its member organizations work to secure better trade terms for farmers and workers.Traceability, Transparency, Diversity & Inclusion, CO2 Reduction1997   Europe, BonnCertificant, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Fair Wear, with garment companies to improve labor conditions in the garment industry.Networking, Transparency, Traceability, Textile Solution1999   Europe, AmsterdamAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Finance For Biodiversity, group of 126 financial institutions calling for and commit to taking ambitious action on biodiversity.Biodiversity2020   Europe, AmsterdamAlliances, Transformation, Financing, Europe
Finboot, digital transformation, by bring traceability, transparency and compliance building through blockchain.Transparency, Innovation, Web3, Traceability2016$3,7 mSupply Chain Ventures, Development bank of Wales, Repsol Energy Ventures, Tom Singh, EASME- EU Executive Agency for SMEsPrivateEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Fintech, Financing, Europe
FoodLabs, is an Early Stage VC Investors and venture studio for food, sustainability, and health.Innovation, Networking, Vegan2016€100 mYildiz VenturesSeedEurope, BerlinInvestors, Consumer Goods, Financing, Europe
Forest Stewardship Council, certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.Save Resources, Waste Reduction, Biodiversity, Packaging1994   Europe, BonnCertificant, Climate, Logistics, Europe
FOUNDERS FUTURE, by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we invest financial and human capital in tech and digital startups.Networking, Funding2018  VentureEurope, ParisInvestors, Technology, Financing, Europe
FTL, social VR software where you can explore and create Metaverses socially with your community.Web3, Innovation2016  Europe, GuildfordSolution Provider, Technology, Sourcing, Europe
FunderNations,’s first crowdinvesting platform managed by an experienced venture capital team (Triangle Venture Capital Group).Innovation, Networking2014  PrivateEurope, AuerbachInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Future Earth Media Lab, organization is rooted in the work of 27 Global Research Network to work to incorporate the latest research findings into government, business, and community decisions and policies.Transparency, Traceability, Innovation2012  PrivateCanada, MontréalAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Canada
Future Energy Ventures, collaboration platform that brings together corporate partners and world-class start-ups to shape the future energy landscape.Networking, Green Energy, Funding2020  PrivateEurope, EssenInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
GA Drilling, and geothermal energy company offering drilling solutions for a carbon-free & energy independent future.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, New Material, Innovation2008$36.9 mLead Ventures, Extantia Capital, Nabors, Slovak Investment Holding, Planet A Ventures, Lead Ventures, Neulogy Ventures Europe, TrnavaInnovator, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), an environmentally responsible art world.CO2 Reduction, Save Resources, Carbon Accounting2020   Europe, LondonAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
GCI, solution to measures, reduces and offset carbon footprint.Carbon Accounting, CO2 Reduction, Green Energy2020 PrivatePrivateEurope, ParisSolution Provider, Transformation, Operations, Europe
Global Organic Textile Standard gGmbH, a nonprofit company that manufactures and processes home textiles and apparel made using organic cotton.Textile Solution, Traceability, Transparency2008   Europe, StuttgartCertificant, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Professional Certification, of the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting – the GRI Standards.CO2 Reduction, Save Resrouces, Carbon Accounting1997   Europe, AmsterdamCertificant, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Good Carbon, investment and trading platform for natural Climate solutions.Biodiversity, CO2 Reduction, Network2021€5 mGreenfield, 468 Capital, Planet A VenturesPre-SeedEurope, BerlinInnovator, Climate, Strategy, Europe
GOODsoil VC, early stage venture capital firm investing in under-represented exceptional founders.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, Funding2016  VentureEurope, LondonInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
German Zero, climate protection organization with the goal of making Germany climate-neutral by 2035.CO2 Reduction, Carbon Accounting2019   Europe, BerlinAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Green Style, first fair fashion fair & conference for consumers, trade visitors, and the mediaTraceability, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion2018   Europe, MunichConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Green Tech Alliances, community of 1000+ Green-tech companies, advisors, VCs, media, and experts.Networking, Funding, Innovation2020  PrivateEurope, BerlinGreen Banking, Innovation, Networking, Alliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
H2PRO, come up with a novel two-stage process that produces hydrogen using less energy.Green Energy, Innovation, Waste Reduction2019$107,2 m PrivateCaesarea, Middle-EastInnovator, Climate, Operations, Middle-East
Haelixa, https://haelixa.comDNA based marking and tracing solution that provides reliable information for full supply chain transparency.Circular Economy, Traceability, Transparency2016€234 kGrant and Pre Seed RoundSeedEurope, ZürichSolution Provider, Climate, Logistic, Europe
Heart Aerospace, aerospace company developing electric aircraft and hybrid-electric regional airliners.Green Energy, Innovation2018$40, 2 mEuropean Innovator Council, Norrsken VC ,Tarmar Capital, Mesa air group, Breakthrough energy Ventures, United Airlines Ventures, Lower Carbon Capital, etc.Series AEurope, GoteborgSolution Provider, Technology, Logistics, Europe
Hearst Lab, cash investment and services to early-stage, women-led startups.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, Funding2016  VentureUSA, NYCInvestors, Fintech, Financing, USA
HeiQ AeoniQ™, bio-degradable filament yarn able to replace polyester. HeiQ AeoniQ™ can be used on equipment and for textile production.New Material, Innovation, Textile Solution, Circular Economy2022   Europe, ZürichSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, Europe
HELEN ventures, in European startups in energy, e-mobility, and digital solutions sectors.Innovation, Green Energy, Networking2019€50 mHelen VenturesSeedEurop, HelsinkiInvestors, Climate, Financing, Europe
Heuritech, www.heuritech.comA cutting-edge fashion technology company that offers brands predictive analytics on trends and products using AI technology.Traceability, Transparency, Innovation2013€5,2 mCreative Destruction Lab (CDL), BOOST Programs, Wilco, Serena, SAP.iO, Elaia, Renaud Visage, etc.Series AEurope, ParisConsultant, Luxury Goods, Strategy, Europe
Hyperbase, design and alternative textile RandD, transforming concept art into real solutions.Web3, Innovation2013   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
INCO Ventures, AMF-licensed fund manager, specialized in venture capital and pioneer in impact investing.Networking, Funding2010  VentureEurope, ParisInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
INERATEC, fuels and e-chemicals via CO2-recycling to defossilize mobility and the chemical industry.Green Energy, Innovation, CO2 Reduction2016$20 mPlanet A Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds, Honda Motor Europe, KarlsruheSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
Institute of Digital Fashion, a platform to restructure how technology and digital are used from creation to consumer.Web3, Textile Solution2020   Europe, LondonAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Integrity Next, businesses to meet ESG requirements, manage ESG risks and improve supply chain sustainability.Transparency, CO2 Reduction, Waste Reduction2016€100mEQT GrowthVentureEurope, MunichSolution Provider, Climate, Logistics, Europe
InterEarth, excess atmospheric CO2 with Photosynthesis.CO2 Reduction, Innovation, Green Energy2020   Australia, PerthSolution Provider, Climate, Sourcing, Europe
Investir&+, structure exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurs who develop projects with high social or environmental impact.Networking, Funding2005  VentureEurope, ParisInvestors, Climate, Financing, Europe
Ipcc, It reviews and assesses the most recent scientific, technical and socio-economic information produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of climate change.Networking, Transparency, Green Energy1988   Europe, GenevaAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
IUCN, scientific research, manages field projects all over the world, and brings governments, non-government organizations, United Nations agencies, companies, and local communities together.Networking, Transparency, Green Energy1948  PrivateEurope, GlandAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
iVN, a network and information provider for companies in all areas of the sustainable leather and textile industry.Textile Solution, Traceability, Transparency, Networking1989   Europe, BerlinCertificant, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Jetti Resource,’s catalytic technology boosts production from existing mines by extracting copper from low-grade ores that couldn’t previously be processed commercially.Innovation, Green Energy2014$169,5 mFreeport Mcmoran, T. Rowe Price, BHP Ventures, Rothschild & Co., Mitsubishi Corporation, Teck, BMW i Ventures USA, BoulderSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, USA
La Caserne, meeting place for designers and the public and a major place of exchange, training, culture, and celebration for all Parisians.Networking, Diversity & Inclusion, Textile Solution2019   Europe, ParisAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
La Famiglia, early-stage venture capital fund backing the best tech entrepreneurs across Europe and the US.Innovation, Networking2016  SeedEurope, BerlinInvestors, Technology, Financing, Europe
Lalaco, universal platform connecting all stakeholders to accelerate digitization and transition towards a multi-dimensional circular economy for fashion.Circular Economy, CO2 Reduction, Textile Solution, Web32016  SeedEurope, ParisAlliancess, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Leaders for Climate Action, community of 3,000+ practitioners from over 40 countries driving climate action in and through their organizations.Innovation, Networking, CO2 Reduction, Save Resouces2019  PrivateEurope, BerlinCertificant, Climate, Stargegy, Europe
LEED, most widely used green building rating system.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Save Resources, Waste Reduction1993   USA, Washington DCCertificant, Climate, Strategy, USA
Lenzing AG, producer for solutions made from natural wood, branded Tencel.New Material, Save Resources, Green Energy, Textile Solution1938  PrivateEurope, LenzingSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
Li-Cycle,'s developed a system for recycling lithium-ion batteries and battery manufacturing scrap.Innovation, Reuse, Save Resources2016$1 bCarnelian Energy Capital Management, Moore Strategic Ventures, Mubadala Capital Ventures, Neuberger Berman Group, Traxys S.A., Koch Strategic Platforms, LG Energy SolutionPublicCanada, Toronto 
Lightrock, in companies that pursue scalable and tech-driven business models around the key impact themes of people, planet, and productivity/tech for good.Networking, Funding, Innovation2009$2 bLightrock Growth Fund I, Lightrock Latin American Fund, Climate Tech FundVentureEurope, GenevaInvestors, Technology, Financing, Europe
Made of Air, Climate-focused materials company transforming waste biomass into high-value, carbon-negative materials for industrial use.New Materials, Textile Solution, CO2 Reduction2020€5 mEQT, Tuesday Capital, TD Veen, Elemtor Exector.SeedEurope BerlinSolution Provider, Climate, Manufacturing, Europe
Mainspring Energy, has created a new type of power generator that can run on hydrogen, ammonia, biogas, and other fuels.Green Energy, Innovation, CO2 Reduction2010$468 mFine Structure Venture, Khosla Ventures, Fine Structure Venture, Trog Hawley Capital, Hanwha Systems, Lightrock, Bill GatesSeries EUSA, Menlo ParkInnovator, Climate, Operations, USA
Makersite, company that develops next-generation product data management tools for the global manufacturing industry.Innovation, Networking2018$18.3 mH.I. Capital, Planet A Venture, Translink Capital, Kompas, Aerospace Xelerated etc.Series AEurope, StuttgartSolution Provider, Technology, Logistics, Europe
Mango Materials, biodegradable products from waste biogas (methane).Innovation, New Material, CO2 Reduction, Save Resources, Waste Reduction2010$1,4 mNational Science Foundation, Alante Capital, The Mills Fabrica, Fashion For Good, Microfiber Innovation Challenge, ONE WORLD Impact Investments LLCSeries BUSA, Redwood CitySolutions Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, USA
Manteco, textile manufacturing company that offers wool, fabrics, sustainability, traceability, and recycled wool.Circular Economy, Waste Reduction, Textile Solution, Traceability1943   Europe, MontemurloSolution Provider, Fashion, Operations, Europe
Materra, https://www.materra.techPlanet-centric technology company enabling climate-resilient and equitable cotton production at scale.Waste Reduction, Textile Solution, CO2 Reductions, Transparency2019£3,9 mLondon Fashion Fund, Apex Black, Perivoli Innovations, Fashion For Good, Bestseller’s Invest Fwd, H&M Group VenturesSeedEurope, LongSolution Provider, Fashion After Use, Europe
Milkywire, platform for impact to find and fund grassroots non-profits fighting the planet’s big problems.Networking, Biodiversity, Save Resources2018  Non-ProfitEurope, StockholmAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Modern Synthesis, biomaterial Innovation company developing radical and regenerative material solutions for the fashion industry.Innovation, Textile Solution, New Materials2019$4,1 mPonderosa Ventures, Parly, Petri, Taihill Venture, Acequia Capital, IMO Ventures, AgFunder etc.SeedEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, Europe
Mote Hydrogen, wood waste to remove carbon from the air and produce clean hydrogen.CO2 Reduction, Innovation, Green Energy, Carbon Accounting2020   USA, Los AngelesSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, Europe
Müller PR & Consulting, agency for fashion & sustainability, specializing in mental health.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking,Traceability, Transparency2010   Europe, BerlinConsultant, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
N26, mobile banking solutions to customers in the European Union through its subsidiary.Innovation, Transparency, Green Banking2013$1,7 bHMC Capital, Third Point Ventures, Coatue, Dragooned Investment Group,, Earlybird Venture Capital, Crystalon Finanz, etc.Series EEurope, BerlinSolution Provider, Fintech, Financing, Europe
NEAR Protocol, decentralized platform to power the future open web for both developers and end users.Transparency, Innovation, Web3, Traceability2017$533,7 mFTX Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Metaweb Ventures, ParaFi Capital, Tiger Global Management, Hashed, Blockchange VenturesVentureUSA, San FransiscoSolution Provider, Technology, Sourcing, USA
NEFFA | New Fashion Factory, ground breaking automated manufacturing method allowing for custom products made from biomaterials.Circular Economy, Innovation2004  PrivateEurope, AmsterdamSolution Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Nona, resale platform which re-values high quality dead-stock fabrics.Circular Economy, Wast Reduction2019 LVMH Europe, ParisInnovator, Fashion, Sourcing, Europe, science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice.Carbon Accounting, Traceability, CO2 Reduction2014$45,3 mETF Partners, 2150, byFounders, Lowercarbon Capital, Luminar Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Future Five, etc.Series BEurope, StockholmConsultant, Climate, Sourcing, Europe
Nth Cycle, has devised a method to process metal ore and black mass from batteries which is cleaner, greener and cheaper.Green Energy, Innovation2019$40,1 mUS Department of Energy, VoLo Earth Ventures, Frankstahl, Mercuria, MassMutual, Clean Energy Ventures, Etc.VentureUSA, BeverlyInnovator, Technology, Research and Development, USA
NTX, brands live up to their sustainability pledges by creating revolutionary Textile Solution through continuous research and innovation.Textile Solution, Innovation, New Materials2000$200 mIndex Capital, NRL Capital, Centurium CapitalSeries CASPAC, ShanghaiSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, ASPAC
Obsess, leading virtual store platform that enables brands to create immersive, discovery-driven shopping experiences.Web3, Innovation2017$13,5 mAsimov Ventures, WXR Fund, The Venture Reality Fund/VRF, TechU Ventures, Jump Capital, AgyaNon-equity AssistanceUSA, NYCSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Öko Tex, of independent textile and leather institutes enabling consumers and companies to make responsible decisions.CO2 Reduction, Transparency, Textile Solution1992  PrivateEurope. ZürichCertificant, Climate, Strategy, Europe
one • fıve, discovery company focused on sustainable solutions for the packaging industry.Save Resources, Green Energy, Reuse2020€10.5 mGreen Generation Fund, WEPA,Climentum Capital, Planet A Ventures, Speedinvest, Revent, First Momentum Ventures etc.SeedEurope, HamburgSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, Logistics
OSM Shield, manufacturing company that focuses on the research, development, and production of high-performance textiles.Textile Solution, Innovation, New Materials2014  PrivateUSA, EdwardsSolution Provider, Fashion, Operations, Europe
Oxford SDG Impact Lab, with graduate students to collaborate with businesses in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.Networking, Innovation2021   Europe, OxfordAlliancess, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Paboco, https://www.paboco.comCreates the world's first 100% bio-based and recyclable paper bottle.New Material, Saving Resources, Packaging, Innovation2019  Joint VentureEurope, CopenhagenSolution Provider, Transformation, Logistics, Europe
Pangaia, materials science company that offers premium lifestyle products.Biodiversity, Innovation, Circular Economy2018 Material V, Regeneration VC, Valor Equity Partners, Squared Circle, Falt Capital, Alexander Gilkes, Dreamers VCSeries AEurope, LondonBiodiversity, Innovation, Textile Solutions, Fashion, Sourcing, Innovator, Europe
Parallel Carbon, air capture for affordable carbon removal and recarbonization.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2011£100 kTechX Clean Energy AcceleratorGrantEurope, LondonSolution Provider ,Technology, Operations, Europe
Parley, nonprofit environmental organization that focuses on protection of the oceans.Networking, Waste Reduction2012   USA, NYCAlliances, Climate, Strategy, USA
Pentatonic, circularity easy for the world's leading brands.Circular Economy, Transparency2017  PrivateEurope, LondonConsultant, Transformation, Design, Europe
People of Crypto, creative & Innovation lab dedicated to increasing diversity, participation, and representation in web 3.0.Web3, Innovation , Diversity & Inclusion2022   USA, NYCSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, USA
PILI, a mission to produce sustainable dyes and pigments to reduce the environmental footprint of the color industry.New Material, Innovation2015$27,6 mRebelBio, Frech Recovery Plan, Eli, BPifrance, Startup Angles, SOSV etc.Series AEurope, ToulouseSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Planet A Ventures, founders tackling the world's largest environmental problems.Networking, Funding2020€160 mPlanet A Ventures Fund IVentureEurope, HamburgInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Planet Fund, Fund is an investment firm, collaborates with early-stage businesses to create a better future.Waste Reduction, CO2 Reduction, Save Resources2022€1,5 mRebel TechPre-SeedEurope, LondonInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Plant Values, and advising companies on sustainability and progressiveness.Traceability, Transparency, Networking, CO2 Reduction2015   Europe, DresdenConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Plan International, development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency, Traceability1937  PrivateCanada, SurreyAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Plastic Bank, recycling ecosystems in under-developed communities in an effort to fight both plastic pollution in oceans, as well as high poverty levels in developing countries.Waste Reduction, Save Resources, Reuse2013  PrivateCanada, VancouverSolution Provider, Transformation, Operations, Canada
Plastic Fischer GmbH, a cost-effective, low-tech plastic collection systems for rivers in developing countries. By bringing down the cost-of-collection, we aim to make downstream processes financially viable and raise the recycling-rate.Reuse, CO2 Reduction, Carbon Accounting, Waste Reduction2019   Europe, CologneAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
PlatformE, a for made-to-order production by powering at-scale mass personalization, on-demand manufacturing, and digital collections across industries.Save Resources, Waste Reduction, Innovation,2016$16,6 mCataylyst AISeries BEurope, PortoSolution Provider, Technology, Sales, Europe
Positive Luxury, a sustainable future for luxury from fashion to beauty, travel to premium drinks. Supporting suppliers and retailers across six luxury verticals.Transparency, Traceability, CO2 Reduction2011   Europe, LondonCertificant, Luxury Goods, Europe
Precision AI, aims to accelerate AI-based farming practices to create healthier, happier, and more profitable farms.CO2 Reduction, Save Resources2018$21,5 mSilicon Valley Bank, Fulcrum Global Capital, At One Ventures, SDTC fund Canadian, Protein Industries Canada, Business Development Bank of Canada, Golden Opportunities Fund, Etc.Debt FinancingCanada, ReginaSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, Europe
Principles for Responsible Investment, Investors initiative, the world's leading proponent of responsible investment.Networking, Funding2006 Principles for Responsible InvestmentGrantEurope, LondonInvestors, Climate, Financing, Europe
Provance Proof, https://www.provenanceproof.comBlockchain-based trace technology for gemstone and jewelry sector.Transparency, Traceability, Web32017   Europe, LuzernSolution Provider, Technology, Sourcing, Europe
Provenance, the global leader in sustainability marketing technology for consumer goods brands.Traceability, Transparency2013$6,5 mWorking Capital, Digital Currency Group, Merian Ventures, Nordic Eye Venture Capital, Brandtech Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Peter GabrielVentureEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Technology, Operations, Europe
Purpose Economy, steward-ownership accessible to help keep businesses independent and purpose-driven. For an economy that works for people and the planet.Networking2015€250m VentureEurope, HamburgInvestors, Climate, Financing, Europe
Quadia, & leading impact investor, we finance the solutions for a regenerative economy and circular economy.Networking, Funding2010   Europe, GenevaInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Radiant Matter, material innovation company, developing a new generation of sparkling color and material solutions for the circular economy.Innovation, New Material, Textile Solution, Circular Economy2018   Europe, LondonSolution Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
RAISE, sustainable finance with its investment and innovation platform. 50% of their earnings are then donated to the RAISESHERPAS Endowment Fund.Networking, Funding2013  Series BEurope, ParisInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Recover,™ transforms textile waste into sustainable recycled fibers, closing the loop on fashion.Circular Economy, Transparency, Waste Reduction1947$100mSTORY3 Capital Partners, Goldmann Sachs Asset ManagementPrivateEurope, MadridSolution Provider, Fashion, Operations , Europe
REFLAUNT, A technology company that brings Resale-as-a-Service to fashion brands and multi-brand retailers.Circular Economy, Save Resources, Resale2019$12mCirculars Accelerator, Ventech China, Piquardo, Bombyx Capital Partners, Etc.Series AASPAC, SingaporeSolution Provider, Fashion, After Use, ASPAC
Remake, global advocacy organization fighting for fair pay and climate justice in the clothing industry.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction, Reuse, Circular Economy2015   USA, San FransiscoAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
REMOkey, you to calculate, validate and communicate the environmental savings and impact of textile products.Save Resources, Textile Solution    Europe, MijnsheerenlandSolution Provider, Transformation, Sales, Europe
reNature, farmers & corporates scaling regenerative agriculture.Traceability, Transparency, Biodiversity, Networking2018$655,7k VentureEurope, AmsterdamConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Repack, service where packaging is reusable and returned, saving resources and reducing waste altogether.Waste Reduction, Packaging, Save Resources2011$2,4 mEuropean Innovation Council, EASME- EU Executive Agency for SMEsGrantEurope, HelsinkiSolution Provider, Climate, Logistics, Europe
RepAir Carbon Capture, innovate carbon capture technologies.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2020$11,5 mCounteract, ESIL- Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab, Extant Capital, Zero Carbon Capital, Equinox Ventures, Consensus Business Group, Shell VenturesSeries AMiddle-East, Yoqne`am `illitSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Middle-East
RepRisk, global leader and pioneer in data science, specializing in premium ESG and business conduct risk research and quantitative solutions.Innovation, Web3, Traceability1998  PrivateEurope, ZurichSolution Provider, Technology, Operations, Europe
:response, internationally operating consultancy specializing in sustainability and regenerative business.Circular Economy2007   Europe, FrankfurtConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Resrcle, ecosystem to reduce the economic, social, and environmental impacts of textile waste, through a community and marketplace.Textile Solution, Circular Economy, Traceability2021€189kGrant-ResrcleGrantEurope, RomeSolution Provider, Climate, Logistic, Europe
Retraced, Retrace business on its journey towards more transparent and sustainable fashion supply chain.Traceability, Networking, Communication, Transparency2019€7,7 mSamaipata, ALSTIN Capital, F-LOG venturesPrivateEurope, DüsseldorfSolution Provider, Technology, Logistics, Europe
RoundRack, brands source, adopt and integrate 'next-gen' sustainable materials into their supply chain and production line.Traceability, Innovation2020   Europe, LondonSolution Provider, Technology, Operations, Europe
Science based Target, organizations to set ambitious emissions reduction targets. A joint initiative by CDP, UN Global Compact, WWF, and WRI.CO2 Reduction, Save Resources, Carbon Accounting2014   Europe, LondonCertificant, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Seedtrace, platform to manage, map & prove the social and ecological impact of productsTransparency, Traceability, CO2 Reduction2020€550kFurtury CapitalPre SeedEurope; BerlinSolution Provider, Technology, Operations, Europe
SET Ventures, in digital technologies for a carbon-free energy system.CO2 Reduction, Funding2007  VentureEurope, AmsterdamInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Slow Fashion World, agency matching and supporting sustainable brands, suppliers and changemakers. Expand your business, grow your network, become a leader in your space.Networking, Circular Economy, Transparency, Traceability2019   Europe, BjörklingeConsultant, Fashion, Strategy, Europe
Start Next, Community for creative and sustainable ideas.Networking, Funding2010   Europe, DresdenInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Studio MMO4, creative strategy studio that focuses on sustainability.Innovation, Transparency, Networking2018   Europe, BerlinConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Studio Oeding, design agency for holistic sustainable solutions.Circular Economy, New Material, Waste Reduction2011   Europe, HamburgConsultant, Luxury Goods, Marketing, Europe
SungreenH2, nano-technology to make electrodes, electrolyzers and other components that significantly cut the cost of producing green hydrogen.Green Energy, Innovation2020$4,5 mSabancı Ventures, BloombergNEF, HAX, Vinci Venture Capital, SGInnovate, Entrepreneur First, CAP Vista, Etc.PrivateASPAC, SingaporeInnovator, Technology, Operations, ASPAC
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Standards connect businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability. Now part of it IFRS Foundation.Traceability, Transparency, Carbon Accounting2011   Europe, LondonCertificant, Climate, Financing, Europe
Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA), society of sustainability professionals. Empowering sustainability professionals across the workforce & around the world.Networking2008   USA, Washington DCCertificant, Climate, Strategy, USA
Sustainable Marktes Initiative, initially launched at The World Economic Forum 2020 Annual. Meeting in Davos with a mission to kickstart bold and imaginative action across the next decade.Green Energy, Traceability, Transparency2020   Europe, LondonAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Sustainable Ventures, sustainable start-ups to scale through community, investment, innovation, and workspace.Networking, Innovation2011   Europe, LondonInvestors, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Sustain chain, service platform driving collaboration and joint action among organizations to achieve the 17 SDGs.Networking2020 Furtury Capital USA, NYCSolution Provider, Technology, Sourcing, USA
SysFarm, platform designed to establish carbon-neutral agro-ecological projects.Carbon Accounting, Traceability, CO2 Reduction2021   Europe, Souppes-sur-LoingSolution Provider, Climate, Sourcing, Europe
Systain, sustainability consultancy that specializes in supply chain, social, and ecological solutions for companies.Traceability, Transparency, Networking, CO2 Reduction1998   Europe, HamburgConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Teachstyler, research, due diligence, and report writing for investors, innovators, and brands.Transparency, CO2 Reduction, Textile Solution2015   Europe, LondonConsultant, Transformation, Strategy, Europe
Textile Exchange, non-profit providing tools, resources, and initiatives to drive change at scale across the textile industry.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction, New Material2002   USA, LamesaSolution Provider, Climate, Manufacturing, USA
T-Fashion, AI- powered forecasting platform, that grasp trend dynamics.Innovation, Web32019$50 kPre-Seed Round T-fashionPre-SeedEurope, IstanbulSolution Provider, Technology, Sourcing, Europe
Telos Impact,​Impact Investing, Philanthropy & Sustainability advisory.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, Funding2015  VentureEurope, BrusselsInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Treedom, only site that allows people and companies to plant trees and follow them online, financing local farmers around the world.CO2 Reduction, Carbon Accounting2010$35,6 m8a +, Nico Rosberg, Giorgio Chiellini, EXOR N.V., Banca Generali, OurCrowd, DVR CapitalPrivateEurope, FlorenceAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
Trill Impact, pioneering Impact House with the ambition to create powerful societal impact alongside competitive financial returns.Networking, Funding2019  VentureEurope, StockholmInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
The Climate Choice, platform enabling the decarbonization of companies and their supply chains.Carbon Accounting, Transparency, Traceability2020$2 mWest Tech Ventures, Gutter Capita, Possibilian Ventures, West Tech Ventures, Jan Dzulko Europe, BerlinSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, Europe
The Climate Pledge, communities of companies, organizations, individuals, and partners, working together to crack the climate crisis and solve the challenges of decarbonizing our economy.Traceability, Networking, Carbon Accounting, CO2 Reduction2019  VentureUSA, SeattleAlliances, Climate, Financing, USA
The Fabricant, decentralized digital fashion house for the metaverse.Web3, Innovation2018$14 m Series AEurope, AmsterdamSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
The Global Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals famous in order to end poverty, fight inequality & tackle climate change.Traceability, Networking, Carbon Accounting2016  PrivateUSA, NYCAlliances, Climate, Strategy, USA
The Good Cashmere Standard by AbTF, is an independent standard for sustainable cashmere, that aims to improve the welfare of cashmere goats.Textile Solution, Traceability, Transparency2019   Europe, HamburgCertificant, Fashion, Logistics, Europe
The Landbanking Group, A private, social-benefit company that brings together scientists, builders, technology experts, and investors.Networking, Funding, Innovation2022 The SUN Institute for Environment & Sustainability, Prince Maximilian, Planet A Ventures, Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck, Fabian Strüngmann, Andre HoffmannSeedEurope, MunichAlliances, Climate, Financing, Europe
The Nature Conservancy, A non-profit conservation organization that works around the world to protect ecologically lands and waters.CO2 Reduction, Carbon Accounting, Green Energy1946$1,9 mSalesforce, The Duke Energy Foundation, Australian Ethical Investment, Onpoint Community Credit Union, The Champlin Foundation, Energy CorporationGrantUSA, Washington DCAlliances, Climate, Strategy, USA
The Ocean Cleanup, technologies to extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollution.CO2 Reduction, Waste Reduction2013$35,4 mFounders Fund, Marc Benioff, Lynne BenioffGrantEurope, RotterdamAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe
The Or Foundation, non-profit for environmental justice, education, and fashion development.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction2013   Africa, AccraAlliances, Fashion, Strategy, Africa
Tomorrow Bank, A bank that funds and promotes renewable energy, solar power, wind power and sustainable agriculture.Green Banking, Transparency, Green Energy2017€25 mAENU, Torben Schreiter, Abacon Capital, Revent, Wi VenturePrivateEurope, HamburgInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Toxic-Free Future, the use of safer products, chemicals, and practices through advanced research, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and consumer engagement.Networking, Traceability, Transparency1981   USA, SeattleAlliances, Transformation, Strategy, USA
TROVE, trade-in and resale for beloved brands, delivering sustainable and profitable growth at scale.Resale, Waste Reduction, Innovation2012$122,5 m Series DUSA, BrisbaneSolution Provider, Technology, Operations, USA
United Nations MPTF Office Partners Gateway, UN center of expertise in multi-stakeholder pooled funding.Networking, Funding2019$18 b  USA, NYCAlliances, Financing, Strategy, Europe
Upright Project, platform for net impact data of companies, enabling smarter decision-making for investors.Networking, Funding2017€5 mPlanet A Ventures, First Fellow Partners, Risto SiilasmaaSeedEurope, HelsinkiSolution Provider, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Vaayu, carbon software for retailers to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint in real-time.CO2 Reduction,Carbon Accounting, Traceability2021$12,1 mAtomico's Angel Programe, CaipitalIT, Planet Positive LP, Operator Exchange,Np-Hard ventures, Saarbruecker 21, Expedite Ventures, etc.SeedEurope, BerlinSolution Provider, Climate, Operations, Europe
Vanguards, commercial, financial, and strategic guidance to brands that operate across the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spaces.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking2020  PrivateEurope, BudapestConsultant, Luxury Goods, Financing, Europe
Vesta PBC, and developing Coastal Carbon Capture further, by harnessing the power of the oceans to remove excess CO2.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2019 Costal Carbon Capture Impact Fund USA, San FransiscoSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
Vorwerk Ventures, the next generation in consumer tech.Innovation, Networking2019€395 mVorwek Ventures I, Vorwek Ventures II, Vorwek Ventures Fund III, Vorwek Ventures Fund IVVentureEurope, BerlinInvestors, Technology, Financing, Europe
Weavabel, Eco-branding solutions to the garment and homeware sector.Packaging, Vegan, New Materials1981  PrivateEurope, LeedsSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, After Use, Europe
Weturn, unsold textile products into quality recycled yarn and fabric.Circular Economy, Waste Reduction, Innovation2020 LVMH Europe, ParisInnovator, Fashion, Sourcing, Europe
Wildplastic, recycled plastic products designed by cleaning the environment from plastic waste.Waste Reduction, Innovation, Save Resources2019 Planet A Ventures, IBF, Project Together, GLS Bank Europe, HamburgSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, Logistics, Europe
The Woolmark Company, global authority on Merino wool. Networking, education, supporting, and connecting the supply chain from farm to fashion.Textile Solution, Save Resources, Waste Reduction1964   Australia, SydneyCertificant, Fashion, Research and Development, Australia
Worldfavor, sustainability management and reporting platform enabling companies to understand their impact and make sustainable actions.Traceability, Networking, Communication, Strategy2016$14,2 mSting, Norrsken VC, Brightly Ventures, Spintop Ventures, SEB Private EquitySeries AEurope, StockholmConsultant, Technology, Strategy, Europe
World Future Council, non-profit that serves for international understanding, sustainable development, environmental protection and as a ethical voiceNetworking, Biodiversity, Save Resources2007   Europe, HamburgAlliances, Climate, Strategy, Europe