Das sind Europas nachhaltige Start-ups, die Sie kennen müssen. Positive Start-ups erhalten Rekordsummen an Finanzmitteln und skalieren in Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Warum das klappt? Sie gehen existentielle Probleme des Klimawandels an und bieten bahnbrechende Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Die Ideen nachhaltiger Start-ups stellen bestehende Systeme und Abläufe in Frage. Von Material Science über Carbon Software bis hin zu Circular Solutions. Ob neuste Software, Technologie oder Dienstleistung, hier sind die Unternehmen, die die Welt verändern.

Area of Interest
Value Chain
LogoCompanySustainability SolutionSustainability TagsLaunchFundingInvestorsSeriesLocationClass
3LM, equipping farmers to regenerate soil and biodiversity.Biodiversity, Networking2016   Europe, OtleyConsultant, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
44.01, solution that safely removes CO2 from the atmosphere turning it into rock.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, New Material, Innovation2020$6.3 mEarthshot Prize, Breakthrough energy venturesGrantsEurope, LondonInnovatior, Climate, After Use, Europe
Adapta, and responsible sourcing solution for leather and textile stocks in collaboration with luxury suppliers.Circular Economy, Resale, Textile Solution2018   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, Europe
Adaptavate, carbon negative building materials and low-carbon construction products.New Material, Save Resources, Innovation2014  PrivateEurope, GloucestershireSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, Sourcing, Europe
Aid by Trade, people help themselves through trade it stands for an innovative approach that focuses on activating market forces instead of relying on charity.Networking, Biodiversity, Funding2005  PrivateEurope, HamburgAlliances, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Again, decentralized network of micro-cleaning facilities enables brands to reuse packaging for the same price as single use.Waste Reduction, Save Resources, Packaging2021$3,3 mEka Ventures & Maersk GrowthPre-SeedEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Climate, Logistics and Packaging, Europe
Agricarbon, rigorous and affordable soil carbon testing at scale.Carbon Accounting, CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Biodiversity2020£3 mCounteractSeedEurope, DundeeSolution Provider, Consumer Goods, Operations, Europe
Aktio, platform for the corporate carbon footprint.CO2 Reduction, Transparency, Carbon Accounting2020   Europe, ParisConsultant, Technology, Sourcing, Europe
Akzente, consulting and services focusing on sustainability.Transparency, CO2 Reduction1993   Europe, MunichConsultant, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Alchemie Technology, manufacturing solutions using unique digital materials fabrication technologies.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction, Innovation2014   Europe, CambridgeInnovator, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Algaeing, algae-powered solutions for textiles, fibers, and dyeing.Textile Solution, Waste Reduction, Innovation2016  Venture RoundMiddle-East,Tel AvivInnovator, Fashion, Design, Middle-East
Alter Equity 3P, in growth capital and buyout investments.Networking, Funding2009  VentureEurope, ParisInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
AnamXR, web-based virtual eCommerce and experience platform for the luxury industry accessible on any smart device.Web3, Innovation2020 Fashion for Good Plug and play, Fashion for GoodGrantUSA, Los AngelesInnovator, Luxury Goods, Research and Development, USA
Ananas Anam, pineapple leaves into the sustainable vegan textiles branded Piñatex and Piñayarn.Innovation, Textile Solution2016£250 kInnovationRCA, Greater London Investment Fund, Spark Ventures Europe, LondonSolution Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Antex, group for synthetic fibers with a range of high performing and environmentally friendly yarns.Textile Solution, New Material2008   Europe, TerrassaInnovator, Fashion, Research and Development, Europe
Arianne, digital life to products, experiences, or communities through NFTs for real-world engagement.Web3, Innovation, Networking2017$32,6mCommerce Venture, Isai, NOIA Capital, Motier Ventures, Cygni Capital, Tiger Global Management, Bpifrance, etc.Series AEurope, ParisSolution Provider, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Alter Equity 3P, equity firm specializes in growth capital and buyout investments.Networking, Funding2009  VentureEurope, ParisInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
B Corp, non-profit that serves as a global community using business as a force for good by creating standards, policies, and tools for business.Traceability, Transparency, CO2 Reduction2006 Tripping Point FundGrantUSA, BerwynCertificant, Climate, Strategy and Transformation, USA
Berlin Ventures, entrepreneur-driven pre-seed and seed investor offering primary and secondary funding.Networking, Funding2008  SeedEurope, BerlinInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Bethnal Green Ventures,’s leading early-stage tech for good VC.Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, Funding2010£4,1 m VentureEurope, LondonInvestors, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Beyond Form, venture studio building & investing in fashion technologies with ambitious founders.Innovation, Web3, Funding2019  Private EquityEurope, ParisInvestors, Fashion, Financing, Europe
Biodynamic Federation Demeter International, worldwide movement of biodynamic agriculture embraces a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming.Save Resources, Waste Reduction, Biodiversity, CO2 Reduction1928   Europe, DarmstadtCertificant, Climate, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Bioxegy, of bio biomimicry engineering customized bio-inspired technologies.Green Energy, Innovation, Biodiversity2018   Europe, ParisConsultant, Technology, Research and Development, Europe
Biozeroc, in biotech & scaleable process technology to create carbon-negative construction materials.Innovation, New Material2021£350kZero Carbon CapitalPre-SeedEurope, CambridgeSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
Bluesign, seal for environment, health and production safety, helping companies and suppliers to establish sustainable products.Textile Solution, Green Energy, New Materials2000   Europe, St. GallenInnovator, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Bolt Threads, solutions company developing vegan leather made from mycelium mushrooms, branded Mylo and b-silk.Innovation, Textile Solution, Vegan2009$334.1mNan Fung, Foundation Capital, Innovation Endeavors, Founders Fund, Baillie Gifford, Formation 8, etc.Series EBerkeley, USASolution Provider, Fashion, Research and Development, USA
Breakthrough Energy, clean, reliable, affordable energy solutions that will lead us to a net-zero emissions future.Green Energy, Innovation, CO2 Reduction2016$2.2B  VentureUSA, SeattleInvestors, Climate, Financing, USA
Business For Nature, global coalition that brings together business and conservation organizations and forward-thinking companies.Networking2019   GlobalAlliances, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Global
BuyYourWay, sustainable development consulting firm for responsible purchasing.Networking, Circular Economy, Transparency, Traceability, Resale, Reuse2013   Europe, ParisConsultant, Fashion, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
BYBOREE, textile Innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits.Textile Solution, Innovation, New Material2010$18,1 m Series BEurope, AmsterdamSolution Provider, Fashion, Design, Europe
BYONDXR, brands/retailers and manufacturers to build stores and showrooms in the metaverse.Web3, Innovation2016$7,5 mFirstime Venture Capita, HTCSeedUSA, NYCConsultant, Technology, Design, Europe
C1 Green Chemicals AG, Carbon Chemistry developing climate-friendly chemistry.Innovation, New Material, Green Energy2022  Pre-SeedEurope, BerlinInnovator, Climate, Operations, Europe
Carbon Capture Inc., climate tech company offering modular and upgradeable carbon dioxide air capture systems.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2019$35 mTime Ventures, IdeaLab, Lightbank, Rio ITnto, Prime Movers LabSeries AUSA, Los AngelesInnovator, Climate, Operations, USA
Carbon Re, tech company using AI solutions to decarbonize energy-intensive industriesWeb3, Innovation, CO2 Reduction2020£5,2 mUniversity of Cambridge Enterprise, Blue Impact Ventures, UCL Technology Fund, Parkwell Advisor, Clean Growth Fund, Planet A VenturesSeedEurope, LondonSolution Provider, Climate, Financing, Europe
Ceezer, central platform to screen, purchase, and manage carbon credits for quality.Carbon Accounting, Traceability, CO2 Reduction2021$5,2 mPicus Capital, Carbon Removal Partners, Norrsken VCSeedEurope, BerlinSolution Provider, Fintech, Financing, Europe
Ceres, non-profit organization that advocates for sustainability leadership.Networking, Diversity & Inclusion, Transparency1989 Capricorn Investment GroupVentureUSA, BostonConsultant, Cross Industry, Operations, USA
Cilkoa, barrier solutions for paper packaging, eliminating plastic packaging.Packaging, Save Resources, New Material2022   Europe, GrenobleInnovator, Climate, Research and Development, Europe
circ gmbh & co kg, live communications, networking, and creative consulting.Diversity & Inclusion, Communication, Networking1994   Europe, WiesbadenConsultant, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Europe, agency creating system and software Innovation for a circular economy in fashion and textiles.Circular Economy, Textile Solution2017   Europe BerlinSolution Provider, Fashion, Sourcing, Europe
City Light, in impactful companies in the areas of education, safety and care, and the environment.Networking, Funding2004$82,1 mImpact Venutes II, Impact Ventures III USA, NYCInvestors, Fintech, Financing, USA
Change Now, an annual summit by connecting innovators, investors, companies, media, and cities all around the globe so they can join forces in finding solutions.Networking, Innovation, Funding2017   Europe, ParisAlliances, Climate, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Clean Greens, agro-technology company provides innovative cultivation technology via mobile aeroponics equipment.Biodiversity, CO2 Reduction2013€12,4 mVentura Kick, NIVALIS group, TR invest, Verve Ventures, FIT Europe, GenevaSolution Provider, Climate, Operations
Clean Tech For Europe, initiative aims to bridge the gap between the community of EU cleantech companies, innovators, venture capital, and policy-makers.Networking, Funding2021   Europe, BrusselsAlliances, Cross Industry, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Clear Fashion, application guiding consumers to make the right decisions in fashion.Circular Economy, Textile Solution, Carbon Accounting, Transparency2017   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Fashion, Marketing, Europe
Client Earth, environmental law charity using the law to hold governments and other companies to account for climate change, nature loss, and pollution.CO2 Reduction, Save Resources, Biodiversity2007   Europe, LondonAlliances, Climate, Strategy and Transformation, Europe
Climate Partner, provider for corporate climate action offering individual consulting and cloud-based software.Carbon Accounting, CO2 Reduction, Transparency2006   Europe, MunichConsultant, Climate, After Use, Europe
Climate Seed, services and technological tools to measure GHG emissions.Carbon Accounting, Traceability, CO2 Reduction, Transparency2018   Europe, ParisSolution Provider, Climate, Marketing, Europe
Climate Stories Project, educational and artistic forum for sharing personal stories about the changing climate.Networking2014   USA, LexingtonAlliances, Climate, Strategy and Transformation, USA
Climeworks, dioxide air capture services via direct air capture technology.CO2 Reduction, Green Energy, Innovation2009€748 mSwiss Entrepreneurs Foundation, Baillie Gifford, GIC, BigPoint Holding, M&G Investment, Global Founders Capital, Swiss Re, Etc.Private EquityEurope, ZürichSolution Provider, Climate, Research and Development, Europe