Marjorie Hernandez on New Creative Economy – The Rise of Web3 and Digital Fashion

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01 Introducing Marjorie Hernandez

Get to know Marjorie Hernandez, Co-founder of Lukso and of The Dematerialised, and her fascination with blockchain.

02 What will you learn

Marjorie will introduce the topics she plans to discuss during the course.

03 Introduction to Web3

What are Web3, the metaverse, and blockchain, and how are these terms related?

04 Sustainable myths about Cryptocurrencies and Web3

Marjorie discusses sustainability “myths”,Cryptocurrencies, energy consumption, and the benefits of Web3.

05 How Brands adapt to the New Creative Economy

Discover how brands are responding to the digital renaissance and why it’s crucial for them to adapt now.

06 The Rise of Digital Fashions

Marjorie explains the origins of digital fashion and its current evolution.

07 Success Story – The Dematerialised

Marjorie elaborates on the origin of The Dematerialised and its sustainability practices.

08 Fashion’s Digital Transformation & the Role of Digital Artists

Discover the requirements for becoming a digital creator and explore the potential opportunities available to traditional brands and designers.

09 Case Study – Blockchain Use Cases

Marjorie presents ten use cases demonstrating how blockchain can address current challenges – from Smart Contracts to Digital Ownership and Gamification.

10 The Future of Web3

Marjorie encourages us to seize the opportunities and possibilities that Web3 offers in the future.

Marjorie Hernandez

World-renowned entrepreneur, architect and expert in design, technology and blockchain. As Co-founder of the first Web3 digital fashion marketspace, The Dematerialised and Lukso, an Ethereum based Blockchain for the New Creative Economy – Marjorie has remained on the forefront in bringing forward innovative solutions for creative industries around the globe to evolve strategically and seamlessly in our increasingly digital world.

Your course

Recognised as a transformational leader, disruptor and change-maker, Marjorie Hernandez continues to build out the foundation for the new digital lifestyle ecosystem and empowers brands, users and creators to participate in the rise of Web3 and digital fashion. She provides you with accessible tools and innovative technologies to be able to tap into the full potential of the New Creative Economy.

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