Johann von Lanzenauer

Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer on Cultivating Purpose

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10 Sessions

48 Minutes

What’s waiting for you

01 Introducing Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer

Get to know Johann and his inspirational work to create a better future

02 What will you learn

Johann explains the topics he will talk about

03 Challenges of current society

Learn why humanity always strives for growth and why we need space to collaborate and inspire

04 The power of collaboration

Johann explains how leaving your comfort zone can solve systematic problems

05 Journey to personal purpose

Johann encourages you to make bold decisions in life

06 Cultivating Purpose

Get instructions on how to find and implement values in your company

07 Creating impact through cultural communication

Understand why it is crucial to use both internal and external communication

08 Case study – Becoming a cultural brand

This is how the power of brands can create a social and sustainable paradigm-shift

09 Taking new perspectives

How can we jointly develop forward-thinking solutions

10 Conclusion

Johann asks you to adapt your life according to your purpose and cut off things that make you unhappy

Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer

While studying political science, Johann founded his own creative and strategic communications agency and landed sports giant Nike as its first customer. Following that, he worked for Nike as Creative Director, adding clients such as Apple, Chanel and the Rocco Forte hotel group. At the same time, Johann entered the art trade and quickly recognized the advantages of creative exchange. With company locations in Los Angeles and Hamburg, the curator and management consultant however did not feel fulfilled and decided to use his skillset to create the Arts & Nature Social Club, making mother nature his only customer.

Your course

Johann explains why purpose and cultural communication can give brands and people the power to cause systematic change. He talks about finding space for collaboration and encourages you to take new perspective while thinking like an artists. This is how innovative solutions can be found for the complex world we are living in. He shows you why you can only be happy when following your inner values and how a company with a clearly defined purpsoe can have a huge impact on commercial happenings.

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